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"31% of projects are canceled before completed... ...only 16.2% of projects are completed on time and on budget"

-Standish Research Group

Inadequate scope control is the number one cause of project cost overrun. RIQTek Manager can help you control the project scope throughout the lifecycle of your project.


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RIQTek has ceased operation. Our project lifecycle management software, RIQTek Manager, and its associated technologies and patents have been sold or transferred.

If you are an existing customer, your should have been contacted by your new account manager. If not, please contact us.

RIQTek Manager is an affordable and easy to use project lifecycle management software based on earned value management system (EVMS). RIQTek Manager provides management the ability to control project scope, cost, and schedule from the beginning to the end.  (Click here to learn more about project lifecycle management with RIQTek.)

RIQTek's patent pending technologies seamlessly integrate project management software with modules that support lifecycle of a product development, such as requirement management, test case management, and defect management.  Best of all, these modules are provided in the software package at no additional cost. This integration allows company to develop products that are driven by requirements. (Click here to learn more about system development lifecycle with RIQTek.)

To satisfy different processes and workflow, RIQTek Manager can be tailored to meet particular needs of a company. For example, a defense contractor may specify the digital format of the Contract Performance Reports (CPR) that meets their needs.  A medical device company may add financial performance reports to the system.

Highlight of Benefits:

Reduce or eliminate gaps between customer requirements and the deliverables

Track requirements for attribute changes, work performed, quality assessment, etc.

Provide robust control to scope, cost and schedule of projects

Implement processes in record time for industrial certifications (ISO, CMMI, etc.)

Detect project issues before it arises

Identify root cause of issues in projects

Enable self-patrolling progress updates

Collaborate in virtual team environment

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